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Do I tell my partner I am in love with his sister? I think he might know. But he is so kind.


To feel anything deranges you. To be seen feeling anything strips you naked. In the grip of it pleasure or pain doesn’t matter.  

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So this is something of a trial post from my new tablet to see if the keypad case I bought is do-able and likely to enable me to work and/or write in places like work or trains or coffee shops (hah) or on lunchbreaks etc.

So far so perfect, altho the space bar requires extra pressure from my thumbs to engage.

Sorry folks this is rly boring for y’all but I’m writing this at my table with a cup of coffee at 3.21 on a sunday afternoon and I’m deciding that this is some kind of proof of my adulthood.

10 Aug 15:16
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You can’t stab me I am made of knives
10 Aug 15:14
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Jo In Hyuk

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